The online office solution for modern and collaborative teams.

Remote working does not have to mean silos and disconnected teams. With Nock you get the best parts of having an office, enabling you to connect and work together like never before.

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Ad hoc conversations are often lost in a remote setting, and that’s a damn shame. It’s such a powerful way to innovate, speed up production and bond as coworkers. Nock is built to enable conversations, without blocking you calendar with a wall of meetings. Give it a try and reap the benefits of an online office, and get back to working together.

Build a transparent and welcoming team culture

Build a positive team culture with transparent workflows in our open and integrated workspace, allowing anyone to jump into the discussion and have ad-hoc access to colleagues.

Collaborate beyond the limits of traditional video conferencing

With state-of-the-art tools such as annotations on live screen shares and remote pairing, you can take your remote collaboration to the next level.

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The creators behind Nock

Nock is founded by ex- Cisco, Spotify, Microsoft & NASA engineers who quit their jobs to create a productive, transparent, and inclusive remote working tool. All audio and video communication between you and your peers is encrypted end-to-end to ensure the integrity of your discussions.